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The 2002 Australian Concert Tour

David Cassidy Live in Wollongong

November 7th 2002.
Wollongong Entertainment Centre, Australia

By : Sue

I saw my teen idol, David Cassidy, for the very first time, EVER, at Wollongong Entertainment Centre Thurs 7 Nov 02. Imagine never seeing your idol live , and then 3 DECADES later - wham, 10 minutes drive from home. UNBELEIVABLE!

I tried to stay calm, and did so, right up until the afternoon of the concert when butterflies started doing summersaults inside by stomach from much excitement.

Without drama or delay, my daughter and I arrived at WIN Entertainment Centre, around 6.15pm. We were early! - well, just a bit. No-one was there yet of course except a few WIN officials and a very nice lady setting up the merchandise stand - where I purchased my DC T-Shirt and Program.

Disappointment #1 came when someone said David was at the Southern Crepes across the road, having dinner. With excitement off we went, but cautioned by my daughter "don't you dare act like a school girl and don't you dare embarrass us if he's there". His band was there, and so was he except he'd left 15-20 mins earlier. One of the waitresses said his wife ended up ordering take-out as things got a little uncomfortable, every-one staring at him. But remember this is David Cassidy, the biggest star of the 70's and to his true fans, we still feel the same. All much older and mature (I hope). When you've been as big a star as David Cassidy, you can never ever be far from the top no matter how many decades pass.

Disappointment #2 - David's promoter was at the merchandising stand whom I later asked if he would be kind enough to ask David to autograph the Program for me. He asked me to wait in the foyer. I thought, that's great. Even though I won't meet him - I'll have an autograph and see him perform. What seemed an eternity (actually about 20 minutes) the promoter returned Program guide in hand - NO AUTOGRAPH! but an apology saying that there was too much security and all, and couldn't get the autograph. IMAGINE MY DISAPPOINTMENT! I simply replied thanks for trying and that if he couldn't get an autograph nobody else could.

The concert was in no way disappointing. IT WAS FABULOUS! All who saw it, I'm sure will agree. David's performance was fantastic to say the least. He is a true performer. SIMPLY FABULOUS ENTERTAINER. Wouldn't have missed it for the world. I was right up front near the microphone and got a great view. In fact, I think I was next to Kim, as she was the only one with a digital camera in front of the microphone. I also took photos. I haven't developed them yet, so I hope they come out O.K. I left 3 shots as during David's performance he teased about autographs and asked if we'd all like to get one. We of course went wild with excitement.

David's concert was wonderful, a mixture of old and new. I enjoyed it immensely. He's band is awesome. A very lively and exciting show. Boy, can David move on stage. I must have touched his hand about a dozen times. (I know that sounds girly, but he's been away so long!)

The show ended all too quickly, but we made so much noise and stomped out feet - WE WANT MORE , WE WANT MORE, then DAVID! DAVID! DAVID! He came back for an encore of 'HOLLYWOOD NIGHTS'.

Disappontment #3 - David had left the stage, left the building, into his limo and on his way back to his Sydney hotel, before anyone had even begun to move out. We all thought someone might announce an autograph session. Not so. We all went home. Haven't quite come back down to earth yet, though.




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