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The 2002 Australian Concert Tour

David Cassidy Live in Newcastle

November 13th 2002.
Newcastle Entertainment Center, Australia

By : Philip Clark

David in Newcastle 2002

Of all the concerts I attended on this tour, this one was the most understated. That's not to say that the crowd of 1500 didn't react well - they did and very much so. But overall, the atmosphere was less heated than at the other concerts.

Newcastle 2002

David wore black and silver at this gig. He varied his set too and included "Day Dreamer" - much to my great excitement as that is one of my all time favourites. It's also a great sing along and David encouraged everyone to join in, which they did.

David got down and communicated with the fans. At one stage he sat on down on the front fold-back speaker to talk to some young fans who were there, aged between 13 to 17 and having an absolute ball. On another occasion during the evening, the father of a young girl who looked like she was around 7 or 8, carried his daughter forward on his shoulders so that David would reach out and touch her, which he did.

Another memorable evening, another great opportunity to meet up with fans and celebrate being together with our hero, Mr Cassidy.

The night will also live in infamy for Jim Salamanis and I. After dropping friends off at various hotels (Kathy and Jade) I got hopelessly lost in Newcastle suburbia. Instead of going back the way we'd come (yes Jim, you were right!) I went the opposite way. An hour later I finally found my way back to the concert venue and we were then able to start the 2 and a half hour drive back to Sydney! At least we were able to laugh ourselves silly about it (or were we just hysterical??!!)


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