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The 2002 Australian Concert Tour

David Cassidy Live in Melbourne

November 11th 2002.
Vodafone Arena, Melbourne, Australia

By : Coleen

As I sat waiting for this concert to start I wasn't too sure what to expect. After all I was only 13 at his last concert and I remember camping out in the city for nights to make sure I had front row seats and I did! I think I still have phobias about crowds as I was crushed against the barrier.....memories.

Anyway I must confess to being sooooo excited for days before the concert, I couldn't wait. Teal came on first with all of us wondering who the heck they were, this gave me the chance to chat to those around me because I had come by myself. As my 16 year old daughter put it I was a "loner"and only "a loser" would go to a concert by themselves. However there I was asking these 3 guys what their wives had to pay them to get them there.

Finally the lights dimmed and on came the band, I realized that old habits die hard...in a split second there I was up front, arms in the air singing to my hearts content. It was wonderful and seemed to feel "intimate". David chatted freely to those of us who has surged to the front and I had the time of my life!!!! The songs were a mix of old and new and David seemed to be having a ball. The best response was the oldies as we all sang them at the top of our lungs. David constantly bent down to touch hands waving for him, and seemed to make eye contact with so many of us... Did he remember me?, that little girl all those years ago, although this time I was not crying.

All in all it was a wonderful experience and way better than I had imagined. I realized that some things don't change with time they only get better.... this is without a doubt the case with Mr Cassidy!!!! So as I put on my CD full blast and return to my at times somewhat "groundhog day" life, I can't help but think... Can I make it to Sydney? Because I cannot wait another 28 years. Cheers.

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