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The 2002 Australian Concert Tour

David Cassidy Live in Brisbane

November 9th 2002.
Brisbane Entertainment Centre, Australia

By : Chrissy


It was only two weeks before David would be coming to Brisbane. What can I do to try and meet him I thought. It appeared I was so close but not close enough. Firstly I had a friend, who's friend worked backstage at the Brisbane's Entertainment Centre (where David was to perform) and he offered to speak to this friend to see what he could do with getting me back stage passes. No luck - my friend asked his mate and was told "fat luck, nearly every woman I know has asked me if they could get to meet him". Plan 1 failed. Then after contacting all magazines etc to see if they would sponsor me to write an article on David's concert (as I was a freelance journalist which is only a hobby now) I thought this might help me meet him or at least have a phone interview with him - fat chance, they were either not interested or were doing their own story. Then a suggestion from my boyfriend included "why don't your write to the Editor of the Courier Mail" - ah, not a bad idea I thought. Meanwhile I find that the same friend who knew the person who was working at the Entertainment Centre, that his brother-in-law worked AS the Editor of The Courier Mail . I thought great - this might help me get my article printed...No such luck. My friend tried and said he could do nothing. He was told they receive heaps of letters every day etc etc. I thought - gee these contacts are useless, not even the brother-in-law who is the Editor of the newspaper can help me. But I thought what the heck, I resent the letter via email again and to my pleasant surprise it was chosen to get printed, it was chosen all by itself!!!. I phoned my friend as at first I thought that maybe he and his brother-in-law had something to do with it and he said No, neither had anything to do with it. He wished me good luck because at that stage I was told it had 90% of a chance to get printed the following day. Then to my delight the next day it was printed - a little edited, but the main gist was there. Yippy I thought. Now I have to use this to my advantage. I had already emailed Radio 4KQ my letter I had written before I knew if it was going to get printed in the newspaper, but now I thought great, its in the Courier Mail now so the radio station might be interested. So I faxed it 3 times, for each of the radio announcers/crew for the breakfast show. Later that day by chance, I bumped into someone at work who works on the same floor who said "are you going to meet David Cassidy at the airport tomorrow". Yeah right I thought, I have no idea when he is flying in. "I heard it announced that he will be flying in on Friday morning, Radio 4KQ announced it". My boss was in hearing distance when I was told this. Well I guess I am taking tomorrow off was my reply. I phoned 4KQ and found out the details. My boss replied and said half joking "we need you tomorrow, we are two down and need you to help with Lattice (pays)". I replied "fat chance, I'll just be sick and get a doctor's certificate". So it was clearly understood by all that there was no way I was going to work and miss meeting David at the airport.

Next morning at 7am the phone rings. I thought to myself, hmmmm, this would not be any of my friends as they know better than to phone me this early!!. I jokingly said to my boyfriend, this must be Radio 4KQ. I picked up my phone and to my surprise IT WAS. My boyfriend quickly goes to the radio and tells me I'm not on yet. So the Radio chat goes like this:-


(Radio 4KQ) If you read the Courier Mail she had a letter to the Editor I think either yesterday or Wednesday and she sent a copy of that letter to us, in fact, she sent several copies of that letter to us so we are going to get Chrissy Layton on the phone, David Cassidy's Brisbane's number one fan. (intro: Partridge Family "I think I love you")

(Laurel - 4KQ) Hello, would that be Chrissy

(Chrissy) Yeah

(Laurel - Radio 4KQ)Hello Chrissy it's the whole team at 4KQ here this morning, Bob, Laurel and Handy Gary how are you (others) Morning

(Chrissy) Oh hello, how are you?

(4KQ Team) Good

(4KQ) We are finally responding to your letter its been in the Courier Mail we've had 14 copies of it

(Chrissy) Oh, (laughs)

(4KQ) So you better tell us, why are you such a huge David Cassidy Fan?

(Chrissy) Oh, I grew up with him, when I was young, an um, I suppose it was a real good hobby to have, when everyone else was getting into mischief so I got into my David Cassidy posters, books and scrap books, and I always thought he was a talented musician, you know everyone was giving him a bad time but I knew the talent was there and its finally being recognised.

(4KQ) And of course you are going off to see him on Saturday night.

(Chrissy) Yes, tomorrow night, bells on, fourth row, got six of us going, I've even dragged my boyfriend.

(4KQ) Wow. Have you heard about our little news about David Cassidy arriving in Brisbane?

(Chrissy) Yep, yep, today. Ah, someone at work actually mentioned it I thought they were only pulling my leg.

(4KQ) No, no. Laurel has the gist she's got the lowdown.

(Chrissy) Yep, is it 1.35pm today at Qantas, Domestic?

(4KQ) Yes, Qantas domestic, flight 528, you'll know us we'll be there with the 4KQ plaque cards and T-shirts.

(Chrissy) Oh alright I'll keep an eye out for you

(4KQ) David will be easy to pick, he'll be the one with Laurel dragging on his leg. (everyone laughs)

(4KQ) Well Chrissy we'll look forward in seeing you at the airport today.

(Chrissy) Alright, I'll keep an eye out for you.

(4KQ) OK, enjoy the show

(Chrissy) Thanks

(4KQ) Good on ya

(Chrissy) See ya.


The radio station actually phoned me during a song. After the phone call I am madly looking for a tape to record this, Eagle Rock was finishing and where is a dammed tape. I reverted to my Dictaphone tape and got most of the radio chat show. Phew...just in a nick of time.. Then it hit me...wow, I was on the radio and it stated that I am David's Brisbane Number one fan...well this might help me meet him I thought...well I could not go back to bed. I phoned all my friends and sister in Perth, made them all listen to the radio recording...before I knew it was time to get ready to see David..."have to look my best". My boyfriend had gone to work by now and realised it probably best if he leaves me alone for this one! MMM, I'll have to have something to give to David I thought. I know, I will give him a copy of my original letter I wrote attached to the article that got printed in the newspaper. But that's not good enough..Oh I know, I will go and laminate the small poster I found in an old record advertising his Australian Tour in 1974...yeah, that's a good idea. So I am ready with all my things, rushing as I always do, leaving the house, I go to the newsagent to get a envelope and laminate my small poster - which I also decided to get photo-copy so I could put it on the envelope that I was giving David. Get to the newsagent and there is someone using the photocopier...The person who owned the shop said this person will be awhile..."What" I thought, don't they know what I've got to do is more IMPORTANT..I asked in a frantic, where else can I get a photocopy. "Office Works" was their reply. Great, at least that was close to me so off I go. Great discovery, they were helpful and I get everything done that I needed. Off I go to pick up my friend Carol, then off to the airport we go...We get there at 12.30 great, an hour before David's flight arrives. Find out where the arrivals are and off we go. I see no one there that looked like they were meeting David. No 4KQ crew, nothing....oh no, I thought, no one is coming to meet David. I go up to the flight crew and said is there anyone here meeting David Cassidy. He gave me a blank look and implied "yeah right"...then some girls hear me and ask us if we are here to meet David and I said yes. I had my mobile with me so I phone Radio 4KQ to see what is happening and was told they are on their way. I met some really nice people in particular Josie who came all the way from Port Macquarie and Diane from Albany Creek (Brisbane) more about Diane later!!

Fans at Brisbane airport

Then as time goes we meet a couple of journalists, TV crew and then 4KQ arrived. More fans are here by then. Probably about 30 of us. We are all chatting away, talking to the media and each other waiting for David to arrive. I was thinking, this will be good. It has obviously been organised by 4KQ and with David so he should stop and chat and maybe sign some autographs. Well at long last David's plane arrives...we are waiting and waiting. Then we see a guy to our right who has a bag hiding his face. This could not be David I thought, he would not, not want to see us I thought. But it was. Next thing everyone is after him. I did not know what to do. What a disappointment. I know a lot of his fans were disappointed as well as the crew from Radio 4KQ.

David goes straight down stairs hiding from the cameras asking them to be turned off. Media and fans everywhere on the chase. Next thing I know I am following this other girl I had just met who I did not realised at the time was right on David's tail. Before I know it I am at the car park with her, David and two others. It was so chaotic I couldn't think. I remember going up to David and saying something like "all your fans are here". David replies "you are not listening, it is not the fans I am hiding from". I go to take a photo and he requests no photos so I respected his wishes. We expressed to him that we just wanted him to know he had aussie fans etc then he thanked us each with a kiss. I think soon later I gave him my envelope with my article in which later he also used as a shield from the camera (glad I could help David!) Not long after the press and his tour manager came and other fans. David and his manager repeatedly asked for the video camera to be turned off. I was also requesting that they do this stating that no one would be interested. Then David somehow made his way towards his limousine that arrived. I then realised, hey, I forgot to give him this CD that my boyfriend did so I run after David calling his name, I told him I'm not here to harass him I just forgot to give him this. He turned around and said "thank you sweetie" thank you and off to the limo he went. I did not realised he said that at the time until I listened to my diaphone that I turned on towards the end of all of this - but I have it on tape, David called me "sweetie"! And I am glad that I was one of the few who showed him some consideration.

David arrives in Brisbane

Others were touching him, grabbing him, then the crew on top of that, I would of went mental myself. After he left some reporters came over, asked us if we still loved him and all of us except one said yes. We all had something to say and they ended up recording what Diane had to say. Well that was it. At first I was disappointed by it all. Probably because of the "expectation" I had since it was advertised that he was flying in. Well the next day, just as I expected, David got a bad review in the paper - The Courier Mail. Basically indicated how he snubbed the press and his fans and how his fans were disappointed. I could understand the disappointment of his fans. At least I got a kiss and was called "sweetie" plus giving him my article and boyfriend's CD. Anyway, as a loyal David Cassidy fan I write another letter to the Editor of the Courier Mail. It has not been printed but this is what it says:-


The David Cassidy article, printed in Saturday's Courier Mail, 9 November, 2002 in my opinion did not cover the whole story. I was there and I recall the situation a little differently. Upon David's arrival he was unexpectedly greeted by press and approximately 30 excited fans. Naturally, he was immediately put on the defensive.

Myself and three other fans were lucky enough to meet David in the airport car park. I can honestly say that he was the perfect gentleman. He apologised and explained that it was not the fans he was avoiding. He then thanked each of us with a kiss. I gladly respected David's wishes when he requested that I not take a photograph of him.

Soon after, the press and other fans converged on the car park. David kindly requested that the press turn off their cameras but unfortunately his repeated requests were denied forcing David to shield himself from the cameras. Throughout this very stressful encounter David maintained his composure.

As David left the car park and made his way to his limousine where other fans and press were, he thanked the fans again and told us that he loved us and was looking forward to seeing them at his show. I have since found out that David generously consented to meet three lucky fans at his hotel (as arranged via Channel 7). To me this speaks volumes - it demonstrates a man/entertainer who has a genuine appreciation and respect for his fans which was not recognised in the article.


Yeah, note the last paragraph, three lucky fans were somehow chosen by Channel 7. One being Diane who I met. Another was a lady who travelled from Rockhampton (10 hours) which I feel she deserved it, and another I am not sure why she got chosen. I bumped into Diane at the concert and she told me and some others I met at the airport her delightful news (good for you Diane). Well I was happy for her but I've got to be honest, I was disappointed for myself...but hey, at least I got to see him at the car park, got a kiss, gave David my letter and news article, then gave him my boyfriend's CD and was called Sweetie!!! But still would of loved to have been chosen by Channel 7!!!

David's Concert.

David with Chrissy's sign

Well I did this big sign for David saying "Thank you for the kiss yesterday" - I wanted him to know that even with all what was going on at the airport it was appreciated how he treated his fans, even though the media will not capture that. Anyway to my delight, he grabs my hand and then my poster and holds it ups and says something like "I enjoyed it to". I managed to get a photo of that. The concert was great and it was wonderful to see David in Brisbane. I do hope the airport incident does not leave David with a bad feeling of Brisbane especially it being my home town...

THANKS DAVID for the memories - maybe one day I will get to meet you under less stressful circumstances...

Chrissy Layton

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