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The 2002 Australian Concert Tour

David Cassidy Live in Melbourne

November 11th 2002.
Vodafone Arena, Melbourne, Australia

By : Philip Clark

The Melbourne concert was the second one I attended and in particular created for me such a memorable experience that will be with me for the rest of my days. David has been my favourite rock star since I was 12 back in the UK in 1973. Having missed out on seeing him in concert back then has always been a sore point for me. The Melbourne show healed that wound.

I attended this concert with my wife Kathy and a group of 30 or more friends - all of us absolutely bursting with excitement. There were thousands of fans at the Vodafone Arena by the time we got there. We did the whole experience - from the pre-show chant "Give us a D" "DDDDDD", "Give us an A" "AAAAAA" through to rushing the stage when David came on, singing, laughing and reaching out to shake his hand. The women screamed so loudly on occasions that David put his fingers to his ears. The crowd was with him all the way as he sang through a fantastic set of songs from "then" and "now". My wife and I were pressed against the stage front centre surrounded by hundreds of very excited fans in a Cassidy mosh pit. We had an absolute ball as did all of our wonderful friends. I have to say, there were heaps of men there too and they were not there under duress either. They were getting down and singing along with all the songs just as I was!

The biggest irony of the evening was that David's concert was next door to the one being held by John Farnham on the same night. The reason this was ironic was because the 2 performers concert dates clashed when David was last back here in 1974. Also, the venue was within the shadow of the MCG where David played in Melbourne last time. He referred to this while on stage to the cheers and screams of the fans!

To me, this particular concert experience was the way I always imagined it would be and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity. David is a consummate performer and a genuine human being. He has brought so much happiness to so many people. In my group alone, there were fans who had travelled from all over the continent of Australia and New Zealand to see this show. We met fans at the venue who had come from Sri Lanka and Japan just to see David. All of us have been huge fans for decades. He is the link that has brought us all together as fans who have since become close friends. You don't have such an impact on so many people all over the world without good reason. Thank you David from the bottom of our hearts for the music, the memories and for giving your Australian fans the opportunity to see you in concert in our home country - as well as the chance to meet each other and form wonderful new friendships.


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